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What happens when a forty-year old-husband-father-Help Desk Technician  decides he needs a change of scenery?  He leaves everything behind & heads for the North Maine Woods on a solo canoe trip.  This is a journal of my week long trip to the Allagash Wilderness to solo paddle the 100 mile system of river & lakes.  I bought a 31 year old used Mohawk canoe, sanded it down, painted it over the summer & took up solo canoeing in the Fall.  I’ve always enjoyed canoeing flat water rivers at home, but was looking for a little more of a wilderness type of adventure on my own & wanted to experience something much different than the typical daily grind.  I had a lot of fun & learned a lot about myself along the way.

This is nothing more than a daily journal from my trip, it  actually started out as written as letters home but I’ve left out the personal stuff, so it’s just a daily recap of my time spent in the Allagash, which I loved & can’t wait to enjoy again sometime.  I’m already looking into possible trips for next year & can’t wait to get back to the “wild”.  I would say this was a long time coming.  I’ve long been a fan of solo endeavors & have daydreamed of the idea of doing some small version of this myself & I’ve always had the Allagash in the back of my mind as a place to solo.

Having grown up reading accounts, the likes of Everett Ruess, Christopher Mccandless & countless others, albeit a small taste, I needed to heed to some sort of “call of the wild” probably hearkening back to reading the stories of Jack London as a kid where life is filled with adventures.  This trip was not as remote as I would have liked or as long as I would have liked, but I felt it was a good starting point.  I’ve always had an appreciation for the mental fortitude required to complete a solo adventure & I read accounts of them on a recurring basis.  I am always impressed by the attempts of others such as that of Diana Nyad who just recently tried swimming from Cuba to Florida or  Jessica Watson who is the youngest person to sail around the World, or any of the RAAM bike racers who race across the US, the furthest I’ve ridden is 180 miles in a day & that was grueling.  The mental strength that these people possess impresses me & inspires me to want to live my best life, so I hope this was only my first solo endeavor & have many left in this life.  The trip I took was only the last section of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, which is 740 miles long, even if I have to section paddle it, I hope to complete the entire NFCT.  It consists of 13 sections.  I completed the last one and part of section 12 on this trip.

I realize I’ll probably never come close to achieving anything like those people have but wanted to experience something much more than I’m used to & I feel that I accomplished what I set out to do.  If you happen to find any amusement or enjoyment from reading or browsing the photos then I guess it was worth posting.  You can follow my progress by clicking on the days at the top of the page.

If you’d like, you can also visit my photography portfolio at which is full of nature pics and all other sorts of photography.

Here’s a video presentation set to music of the photos taken from the trip.  The same photos are spread throughout the blog as well.


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